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Here’s Ralph and Julius from the same session that yielded the sisters pictures and Ralph’s boxing pose below. This one and the photo of Ralph, Estelle, and Vicki were both given to Ralph by Vicki.


Ralph (and Carol — thanks again) sent this one yesterday: left to right, it’s Ralph, Estelle, and Vicki. I’m not sure of the time or location but I’m guessing it’s around 1950. What’s with the casino awning? Please explain.

[Also: where was the photo of the siblings (minus Matilda) seated on the blue couch taken? I posted it below on July 21. My guess is Rita and Stanley’s. Let me know.]

These photos came from Lee via Ralph.


Pictured above, left to right: Joe, Ralph, Rita, Dorothy, and Ellie.


Look at these two! Joe and Ralph. I’m guessing that this is another one from Leslie and Marshall’s wedding.


This one’s from the Sephardic Home. Seated, left to right: Rita, Flora, Julie; standing, left to right: Stanley, Paul, Aaron.


One of my personal favorites: Joe, in uniform, with Flora (also, I suppose, in uniform, though of a decidedly less military cut). I assume this was taken on Webb Avenue.

As usual, any help you can give me with specific dates and locations is appreciated.

Leslie confirmed that the photo of all the Siblings I posted on July 12 was taken at her and Marshall’s wedding, held at the Levin’s house on May 28, 1978. She wrote:

I have other pictures from that day, including Vicki pregnant with Tyler and Estelle with Sandy in a stroller!  You and your brother were running around with Vicki’s older girls having a wild time. I will dig these pictures up and send you copies. It was a great, old-fashioned, small family wedding!

Apparently, per Julie, Victor & I probably wore our matching suits to Paul’s Bar Mitzvah.

Ralph is going to dig through his photos and find some good ones for us. I’ll post whatever I get from you all, so, really, send what you can.


From left to right: Lee (Mrs. Joe Barocas), Rita, Dorothy, Joe, Mathilda, Ellie. Ralph didn’t make it to this event, which I think was at Dorothy and Julius’ house, though I wasn’t there, either. Paul sent me this and the following photo.


This is a rare gathering of Cousins. Seated, left to right: Julie, Nancy, Marcia; standing, left to right: Paul, Marshall, Estelle, Larry, and Victor. I’m not sure what year these were taken but think it was the early 90s, and for reasons I cannot recall, I think they were taken at the same event. As with the previous post, any light any of you can shed on the precise date and occasion is appreciated.

Update, October, 2011: My cousin Victor wrote to inform mr that the above Cousins picture is from Julius’ birthday, either his 70th or 75th. Thanks, V.!


This is the only photo I have in which all of the Siblings appear: left to right, they are Joe, Ellie, Mathilda, Rita, Dorothy, and Ralph. The location is Rita and Stanley’s house; the occasion was either Paul’s Bar Mitzvah or Leslie and Marshall’s wedding. If any of you can help me out, I’d appreciate it. Either way, it must have been around 1976, judging from my brother’s and my outfits which we wore that day, as seen below at Ellie and Aaron’s apartment in Brooklyn before heading to New Jersey for the same event.


Or at least that’s the way I remember it. Kimberley just pointed out that Victor and I look younger in our red ties than 7 & 10 years old. She might be right, and the more I think about it, I believe these were our outfits for Paul’s Bar Mitzvah: the lawn was well-suited to knee-slides and my white pants were ideal material for grass-stains.  I’m still pretty sure the picture of the Siblings, however, is from the wedding.

So help me out: what years were Paul’s Bar Mitzvah and Leslie and Marshall’s wedding?

Help me further: if you have any photos of our family, send them.


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